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Many special and unique things can happen in rehab. These blessings may be big or small, but it is still helpful for you to recognize them. Making a gratitude list will help you to recognize those forgotten blessings and give you something good to focus on. A gratitude list will be helpful when times get […]

Treating Cocaine Addiction

Why do people get hooked on cocaine? There is no single answer. In fact, there are many factors that contribute to drug abuse, including biological and environmental components.  Because of these many contributing reasons, cocaine is considered as one of the most highly addictive substances out there. So what does cocaine do to an individual’s […]

Family Therapy

Are you wondering about family therapy for an addict? Are you asking if families can help addicts? The answer is definitely YES. When this therapy is done right, family therapy for addiction can help everyone involved find their new place in the family and it’ll surely bring them closer together. Without family therapy, those closest […]